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25, Patellar ligament, Patella, Retropatellar cartilage, Femoropatellar joint, Lateral patellar retinaculum, Medial patellar retinaculum, Vastus lateralis muscle, Femur,  Iliotibial tract, Gastrocnemius muscle (medial head, tendon), Popliteus muscle (tendon),  Adductor magnus muscle, Gastrocnemius muscle (lateral Head), Great saphenous vein, Superior lateral genicular artery and vein, Superior medial genicular artery and vein, Biceps femoris muscle,  Sartorius muscle,  Femoral artery and vein, Saphenous nerve,  Common fibular (peroneal) nerve,  Gracilis muscle (tendon),  Perforating artery of deep artery of
thigh,  Semimembranosus muscle,  Tibial nerve,  Semitendinosus muscle, t2

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