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Vessels of the arms and legs

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    nrrd to stl file

    These are separate images of CT scan of lower limbs. I need a 3d model of any of the lower limb through these files.
    Ascending branch of the lateral, femoral circumflex artery, Lateral femoral circumflex artery,  Medial femoral circumflex artery, Descending branch of the lateral femoral circumflex artery, Deep femoral artery,  Perforating, Superficial femoral artery, Descending genicular artery, Superior medial genicular artery,  Popliteal artery,  Superior lateral genicular artery, Middle genicular artery, Inferior medial genicular artery,  Anterior tibial artery, Posterior tibial artery, Circumflex fibular artery, Muscular branch, Anterior tibial artery, Peroneal artery, Posterior tibial artery, Circumflex fibular artery, Muscular branch,  Anterior tibial artery, Peroneal artery,  Posterior tibial artery, CTA, lower, limb, 
    Proximal third of the femur, Middle third of the femur,  Distal third of the femur,  Proximal third of the lower leg,  Medial third of the lower leg, Distal third of the lower leg, Joint space of the hip
    Pubic bone, Femoral head, Greater trochanter,  Obturator foramen,  Ischium,  Ischial tuberosity, Femur,   Medial and lateral femoral, condyles, Sacroiliac joint, Anterior superior iliac spine,  Sacrum,  Anterior inferior iliac spine,  Roof of the acetabulum, Acetabular convexity (promontory), Spine of the ischium,  Anterior acetabular rim,  Floor of the acetabulum,  Posterior acetabular rim,  Femoral head,  Greater trochanter,  Femoral neck,  Superior pubic ramus,  Intertrochanteric crest,  Obturator foramen,  Ischial tuberosity,  Lesser trochanter, 3d, model, printable, .stl, lower, limb, bone,


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