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  • Welcome to embodi3D Downloads! This is the largest and fastest growing library of 3D printable medical models generated from real medical scans on the Internet. A unique scientific resource, most of the material is free. Registered members can download, upload, and sell models. To convert your own medical scans to a 3D model, take a look at democratiz3D, our free and automated conversion service.

Medical CT Scan Files

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A library of medical scan files including CT scans converted from DICOM data into anonymized NRRD files.

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    • Valchanov,   I downloaded the file and took a look. I see right ventricular hypertrophy, a large VSD, pulmonary valve atresia/stenosis and an overriding aorta that is also on the right side. I think this is Tetrology of Fallot. It is a cool scan! Dr. Mike
    • Hello Can you give me some background information about the health condition of the patient? The set is excellent, but there is something really wrong with the anatomy of this heart. I want to model it properly.
    • The whole time I was thinking that I'm doing something wrong, because it's impossible for a TAAA to be that big. This was beyond everything I ever saw for 22 years of medical education and experience. But yes, it's THAT big. I segmented the lumen, I added 2 cm margin around it to create a hollow shell, then I added the media of the aneurysmic sack and all the atherosclerotic plaques for extra realism. There was a part of the sack, which went into one of the perihepatic space, but I removed it, b
    • I think this is the biggest thoracic aneurysm I have ever seen. I am glad the patient survived!
    • The cartilages of the larynx are one of my summer vacation projects. The raw data is from a CT scan and the nasopharynx can't be segmented properly. Eventually, I can segment the soft tissues as a bulk and the cavities as a separated mesh. 
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    • If the models are for medical purposes - this is the webpage of the lab in my institution. You can check their equipment and find a similar service in your state. I'm also quite interested if anyone on this website is making such models.
    • You want those crowns for a medical purposes or as a prank? Because the quality criteria for the dentures are quite high - even 50 microns deviation can cause unbearable pain for the patient. Usually a special dental 3D scanner is used for the model generation and a SLA or STL printer - for the dentures themself, with an expensive, FDA-approved polymer. There are specialized dental 3d printing labs, including in my institution. I'm definitely out of this league (yet).
    • The heart is possible, but the valves will be a hard call, which depends on the skill of the radiologist and the 3D modeller.  You can segment the cuspids on hand and hope for the best. Smaller slices, better result. The print will be also a hard call, unless you have a Polyjet on hand.
    • Every plastic shrinks a bit when it's cooled down. This percentage is different for the different materials, but it's a good idea to scale up your model in the slicer with 0,05%. Also, some composites have minimal shrinkage and they should be on choice for prints, which requires high dimensional accuracy. I'm using Silk PLA (85% PLA, 15% Polyester, some other additives) with great success, because the shrinkage is lower than the natural PLA. On the graphic I measured a model of Aberrant arteria subclavia dextra - the CT scan with a dicom viewer, the model with Autodesk Fusion 360 and the printed model with vernier caliper. I calculated average deviation on 95% confidence interval and this is what I got. Note that the caliper was too tick and large for subclavia dextra, which resulted in the difference of the result (my tool is too large). I think those results are quite promising and I'm planing to close the circle - to measure cadaver, CT of the cadaver, generated 3D model and 3D printed model, when the ethical commission allow me to.  
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