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Thorax and Ribs

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Bones of the chest - thorax and ribs

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    • Valchanov,   I downloaded the file and took a look. I see right ventricular hypertrophy, a large VSD, pulmonary valve atresia/stenosis and an overriding aorta that is also on the right side. I think this is Tetrology of Fallot. It is a cool scan! Dr. Mike
    • Hello Can you give me some background information about the health condition of the patient? The set is excellent, but there is something really wrong with the anatomy of this heart. I want to model it properly.
    • The whole time I was thinking that I'm doing something wrong, because it's impossible for a TAAA to be that big. This was beyond everything I ever saw for 22 years of medical education and experience. But yes, it's THAT big. I segmented the lumen, I added 2 cm margin around it to create a hollow shell, then I added the media of the aneurysmic sack and all the atherosclerotic plaques for extra realism. There was a part of the sack, which went into one of the perihepatic space, but I removed it, b
    • I think this is the biggest thoracic aneurysm I have ever seen. I am glad the patient survived!
    • The cartilages of the larynx are one of my summer vacation projects. The raw data is from a CT scan and the nasopharynx can't be segmented properly. Eventually, I can segment the soft tissues as a bulk and the cavities as a separated mesh. 
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    • Hi, Is it possible to have 3D printable whole heart model with functional mitral valve. I would like to print it using silicon/ PVA to have the elasticity as close as the real heart.
    • Dental 3-D Who can do a one piece set of crowns to be joined to healthy but worn teeth One for top One for bottom
    • I have been trying to load a file from my computer and keep getting a -200 error.  The fail has been anonymized and is in .nrrd format.
    • Yes.. it is a large file on the entire thorax of a 60 lb. dog.  I cropped out the head and abdomen because the original file was around 1300 images
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