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  • Welcome to embodi3D Downloads! This is the largest and fastest growing library of 3D printable medical models generated from real medical scans on the Internet. A unique scientific resource, most of the material is free. Registered members can download, upload, and sell models. To convert your own medical scans to a 3D model, take a look at democratiz3D, our free and automated conversion service.

Thorax and Ribs

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Bones of the chest - thorax and ribs

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    • This is an interesting website that has a lot of 3D printing related information, including a very nice comparison tool for 3D printers (link below). It also has reviews, guides, and a "best of" series of articles that will be of interest to anyone engaged in 3D printing. The information is very current. Check it out.   https://www.aniwaa.com/comparison/3d-printers/ https://www.aniwaa.com/best-of/3d-printers/    
    • Hello-   I am looking for dicom files of a skull to be exported to stl format and have it include the soft tissue as well as the bone as trying to visually create the nasal passageway and where blockages occur in air passageways.    Thank you.
    • From Da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man" to 3D-printable muscles, we continue to expand our understanding of the human anatomy. Through 3D printing, medical students are discovering a new way to create muscle anatomy models and gain more hands-on knowledge.   http://ow.ly/M0cE50wL8CI/  
    • Today we want to share some of the best representations of how embodi3D® members are using democratiz3D® conversions to create a foot 3D model and other skin, tissue, and skeletal features of the lower extremities.   http://ow.ly/4W3B50wL3iA
    • Three-dimensional printing and modeling is a new technology that has exciting applications for rhinoplasty and facial plastic surgery. We now have the ability to 3D print a skull and 3D-printed face models have been used in the facial reconstruction process. We can also use 3D printing to recreate the muscles of the face. These types of models have been used in advanced procedures that help to restore facial features. One notable example from the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota is the 2017 full-facial reconstruction that employed 3D-printed models to reconstruct a face.    Check this post and learn more!      
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