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Amazing 3D Printed Models on Display at RSNA 2014

Dr. Mike



3D printing is a hot topic at this year's Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) meeting in Chicago. I've been involved in medical 3D printing for the past two years, and every month there seems to be more interest. At this year's RSNA meeting, the level of interest is higher than I have ever seen before. There are literally dozens of sessions related to 3D printing in radiology, and they all seem to be very well attended. The Sunday session on "Fundamentals of 3D Printing" had a line out the door and down the hall as shown by the picture below. So many people were standing in the room that they had to close the session due to fire safety limits.


Perhaps one of the biggest draws is the vast array of striking 3D printed models on display from a variety of vendors that offer 3D printing and consulting services. 3D printer manufacturers have been working hard on new and exciting 3D printing materials. As a result, there is now a large selection of materials to choose from, each with a unique set of properties. When the right anatomy, materials, and printers are combined effectively, the models can truly become things of beauty.

While you can't get your hands on the individual models shown here, Embodi3D does maintain a growing library of 3D printable models for you to download and 3D print yourself. I will put links to some of my favorite downloadable files at the end of this article.







IMG 20141130 105737356 HDR

Long lines were seen outside of most 3D printing sessions, including this one on Sunday morning.

IMG 20141201 123318087

In this hands-on session which teaches 3D printing software, each of 50 workstations was occupied. There was standing room only in the back of the room.

IMG 20141201 150804343

3D printed model of a kidney with a tumor and blood vessels (pink). This model uses two colors to highlight anatomy. 3D Systems Medical Modeling

IMG 20141201 151636313

3D printed model using colored gypsum powder shows the various structures of the heart. 3D Systems Medical Modeling

IMG 20141201 151647204 HDR

A human brain. 3D Systems Medical Modeling

IMG 20141201 151655055

3D model of a spine with severe deformity. 3D Systems Medical Modeling

IMG 20141201 151740526

Multicolor 3D model of the skull, with cut away that shows the cerebral arteries (red) and veins (blue). 3D Systems Medical Modeling

IMG 20141201 151747474

Hollow model of an abdominal aortic aneurysm using two colors. The atherosclerotic calcium is shown in pink. 3D Systems Medical Modeling

IMG 20141201 151823284 HDR

This large model of a skull and mandible was designed to demonstrate jaw alignment. 3D Systems Medical Modeling

IMG 20141201 152040991 HDR

This transparent brain shows various white matter fiber tracks in different colors, an amazing property of newer 3D printing materials. Stratasys.

IMG 20141201 152743497

Multicolor 3D print of a heart. Stratasys

IMG 20141201 152812643 HDR

3D print of heart with detailed pulmonary arteries and veins. Stratasys

IMG 20141201 154455095 HDR

3D print of a skull using transparent material. Materialise

IMG 20141201 154507784

Example of 3D printed orthopedic surgery cutting guides used for knee replacement surgery. Materialise

IMG 20141201 154501886 HDR

Glass-like 3D print of a pediatric heart. Materialise.

Select 3D Printable files available for free download on Embodi3D.com.

Must register to download. Registration is free and only takes a minute.

Human brain

Human heart #1



Human heart #2


Half skull, sagittal cut

3D printed half skull

Skull base

skull base Top view

"Lace" skull



Lumbar vertebra


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