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3D Bioprinting Targeted To Become As Easy to Use As Smartphones

Paige Anne Carter


blog-0409429001415676979.jpg3D bioprinting is now becoming a popular medical technology that doctors use in order to study medical models that can lead to breakthroughs in treating diseases and injuries. For instance, a 3D bio printed model of tumors can help surgeons remove cancer accurately without risking any damage to the surrounding healthy cells and tissues.

While 3D medical printing is a technology that is available only among doctors, creating 3D bio printed models is now possible. And this means that 3D bioprinting will no longer be only available to doctors but also to ordinary people.

A company called Butterfly Network is now developing ways to make 3D bio printed models available to ordinary people. The proposed device will be the size of an iPhone which can make scans of the body using a very tiny ultrasound chip. Aside from creating accurate scans and models of different parts of the body, the technology can be further developed so that it can effectively kill cancer cells with heat from ultrasound.

This device is still being developed and the company is raising $100 million for its creation. Since this device is still in the drawing board, its details are still scarce but proponents of this device do not only want the device to create 3D bioprinting images but also help with the diagnosis of different diseases like cancer. It can also be used to visualize the womb of mothers thus making ultrasound technology something that people can do within the comforts of their homes.

There is a big potential for 3D bio printed models in the medical industry. Soon, people will see devices like this as common as smart phones.


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