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Revolutionary Advancements in Treating and Studying Cancer



blog-0125277001415066870.jpgAmong the many advances in 3D printing is the ability to rebuild breast cancer tissue. Nano3D Biosciences working with Rainbow Coral Corp has made a breakthrough in the fight against breast cancer. With their NanoShuttle technology and a machine called the Bio-Assembler, they can create 3-dimensional breast tissue. By manipulating cells using magnetic nanoparticles they are able to quickly print cells in a tissue-like structure. This means that it will no longer be necessary to use animals and 2-dimensional cellular testing to develop new cancer treatments. Nano 3D Biosciences hopt to turn magnetic cell culture technology into the future of bioprinting human tissue. With the ability and the affordability of their current technology, that future may not be too far off.



The Bio-Assembler is able to work in a normal petri-dish or multiwall plate with any type of cell. The tissue can then be imaged and studied just like any other microtissue. This company can now create breast tumors within 24 hours that measure 1mm in diameter. They can even control the density and composition of that tumor and test the effectiveness of cancer treatments within that tumor. This process is faster, easier and more affordable than any other competing technology to grow breast tissue. All this means is that drug testing and the discovery of new treatments can proceed much faster and will hopefully lead to better treatments. This may also lead to better ways of testing and treating other types of cancer as well.

Main Image Credit: www.3dprint.com


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