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Fighting Ebola With DIY Biotech 3D Printing

Paige Anne Carter


blog-0709635001414867960.jpgCurrently, Ebola is the most dreaded epidemic in the world which accounts to more than 5,000 lives lost mainly in Africa. As of this writing, the Ebola disease does not have any vaccines available. Those who are inflicted with this virus are treated based on their symptoms. To make matters worse, the scientists all over the world is running a race against a global Ebola pandemic threat that is about to become a reality.


However, the spread of the Ebola virus has also given the opportunity for DIY enthusiasts to find a cure for the virus using DIY biotech experimentation. In fact, fighting Ebola using digital fabrication maybe one of the solutions to the alarming problem.


So how will DIY biotech come into the fore when it comes to treating Ebola virus? One of the experimental treatments show that transfusion of blood from survivors is the best medical practice that can cure victims afflicted with this disease. Since there is a 24-day incubation, the DIY bio movement can help a lot by creating digitally fabricated centrifuges to help with plasma separation.


Toolkits should be built around the centrifuge using digital open source software so that it will be easier for people to sterilize, draw blood and do blood typing. These kits should be able to run on locally available energy sources like solar power and car or motorcycle batteries. With the use of available local energy sources, this technology will be accessible to areas hard hit by Ebola. The more these DIY-fabricated component are available to third world countries in Africa, the more lives will be saved, the higher the chances of containing the virus and prevention of a global Ebola pandemic.


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