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Affordable Prosthetic Eyes Are Now a Reality



For people who have suffered severe injury or the ravages of cancer to their eye, the need for a prothestic is great. While prosthetic eyes do not grant sight, they do allow for the patient to have a normal appearance and a complete facial structure. Going without an eye entirely can completely alter the structure of a person's face. This is particularly true for children whose facial structure will not develop properly without some sort of prosthetic eye in place. Typical prosthetic eyes can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000, which is not covered by insurance. Children outgrow their prosthetic eyes and have to have them replaced as they grow.


Enter the magic of 3D printing. Dr. Tse has created a process for 3d printing a prosthetic eye that is perfectly designed to fit the patient and can be done affordably and in a manner of hours. Typical prosthetics can take several weeks to produce. Dr. Tse and his team even created a propretiary nanoparticle mix which does not degrade like most facial prosthetics do. Even better is the fact that once scanned, the design for the eye can be saved, so patients can easily order a new prosthetic if needed. That way they will have the same design that they are already used to and comfortable with. This process will allow survivors of eye cancer to easily face the world without having to answer questions about missing eyes or disfigured faces.

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Wow, that is really incredible. This technology can really help people with eye cancers like retinoblastoma or eye trauma to have a normal appearance. You could even take it a bit farther and 3D print an eye with a laser diode and battery to look like superman. Or Cyclops. I want one.

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