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Angel Sosa


New embodi3d users have uploaded great 3d models with excellent details! Here are the best from this week, we invite you join our community and discover this cutting edge technology  of today and the future in the medical field. Sign up it´s easy!  




1. A stl file showing the normal kidney location 

AABERNETHY uploaded this excellent 3D model. The kidneys are paired retroperitoneal structures that are normally located between the transverse processes of T12-L3 vertebrae.





2. Lumbar spine with scoliosis from a stl file


In complex spinal disorders as scoliosis, the correction procedure is often very challenging as unexpected pedicle absence and vertebral rotations can be discovered intraoperatively, posing great risk of neurovascular lesions during the operation. Apparently, current visualization modalities as planar radiographic image and CT scans are not qualified to provide necessary anatomic overview of the affected spinal segments, even the CT with 3D reconstruction can only provide the image without tactile feedback. Therefore, 3D printing is very promising in the personalized treatment of complex spinal disorders. 1 747Larry@gmail.com



3. A CT abdomen and pelvis showing muscle tissue

The role of 3D-printed models from DICOM images continues to expand and is fueled by the growing realization that intraoperative utilization of 3D images is not as efficient as having a physical model identical to patient structures, particularly for highly complex interventions. Further reductions in morbidity, mortality, and operating room time  are inevitable. Uploaded by Azeem



4. Maxillofacial CT scan

Shin uploaded this maxillofacial ct scan with good detail. It shows the paranasal sinuses and teeth.



5. Head/Skull 3d model from a STL file processed

Dr. Gutierrez uploaded this excellent skull 3D model with exquisite detail.


6. A CT scan of the skull

Thank you ngadhoke for upload this skull CT scan in high quality.




7. A 3d model of a central giant cell granuloma of mandible

This loculated and expansile mass with wavy septations located on anterior mandible.


• Most common signs/symptoms: pain, swelling of mandible > maxilla
• Age
○ Adolescence to 3rd decade; mean: 25 years
• Gender
○ F:M = 2:1


• Aneurysmal bone cyst (ABC) ~ 15% of central giant cell granulomas contain intralesional ABC
• Cherubism
• Ameloblastoma
• Ossifying fibroma
• Brown tumor of hyperparathyroidism








1. Wang, Y. T., Yang, X. J., Yan, B., Zeng, T. H., Qiu, Y. Y., & Chen, S. J. (2016). Clinical application of three-dimensional printing in the personalized treatment of complex spinal disorders. Chinese Journal of Traumatology, 19(1), 31-34.

2. Mitsouras, D., Liacouras, P., Imanzadeh, A., Giannopoulos, A. A., Cai, T., Kumamaru, K. K., ... & Ho, V. B. (2015). Medical 3D printing for the radiologist. Radiographics, 35(7), 1965-1988.

3.Koch, B. L., Hamilton, B. E., Hudgins, P. A., & Harnsberger, H. R. (2016). Diagnostic Imaging: Head and Neck E-Book. Elsevier Health Sciences.











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