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This Week's Top 3D-Printable Dental, Orthodontic, and Maxillofacial Downloads

In this week's post, we feature some exceptional 3D-printable orthodontic, maxillofacial, and dental scans, including the orbits of the skull, lower teeth, as well as a severe case o jaw bone cavitation. Those practicing in dentistry or orthodontia have likely read about  3D printing's use as an educational tool among colleagues, students, and patients — but, this is just the beginning. A recent article in The Angle Orthodontist highlighted a study by Indiana University School of Dentistry in which it was found that "Dental models reconstructed by FDM (fused deposition modeling) technology had the fewest dimensional measurement differences compared to plaster models."


Dental 3D printing will continue to advance, and a future where high-speed digital X-rays and stereolithography-generated 3D dental models seems all but certain. We may even see prosthodontists use a 3D printing process for dentures or implant-supported crowns. 


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 #1. A 3D Model of a Woman's Mandible in STL Format 

Memer lillux earns a top spot on this week's list with this highly detailed, 3D-printable lower jaw. To date, this STL file has been downloaded over a hundred times. As this upload demonstrates, dentist-patient communication could be enhanced through 3D digital dental models with color simulation effects.  


#2. Detailed CT-Generated Mandible Ready for 3D Printing

Member ebombmx uploaded a 3D printer-ready file of a mandible created from a conebeam CT scan. As the second-highest downloaded file in the Dental, Orthodontic, Maxillofacial forum, we can only assume embodi3D® members were equally impressed with the high resolution of this upload. 


#3. Maxilla, Mandible, and Maxillofacial 3D Model

In this highly detailed dental scan, the bony anatomy of the maxilla, mandible, and facial structures are shown in great detail. Dr. Mike created this model by using the democratiz3D® service. 


#4. Lower Jaw and Teeth 3D Model

Member mjgillis uploaded this 3D-printable model of a human mandible. This is one example of how a three-dimensional view can illuminate the seriousness of a maxillofacial issue, such as the heavy cavitation (bone loss) in the mandible. 


#5. Using 3D Models for Dental Implant Patient Eligibility

Titanium root implants require a strong jawbone. Using 3D models of tooth-supporting bone matter can help select ideal candidates for dental implants. A special thank you to embodi3D® user mjgillis for sharing this under a Creative Commons (CC) license!


#6.  Is it a 3D Model of a Mandible or a Plaster Cast?

This STL file was uploaded to the Dental, Orthodontic, Maxillofacial forum by embodi3D® member JAWSDOC and serves as a great demonstration of how 3D-printed mandible/maxilla models may someday replace traditional plaster casts. 


#7. A 3D Model of the Zygomatic, Maxilla, and Orbital Rims of a Human Skull

Member Hisham uploaded this file to our Dental, Orthodontic, Maxillofacial forum. This is a detailed, 3D-printable representation of the cavities, curvature, and structure of the orbital, maxilla, zygomatic, and nasal bones. 


#8. Mandible Fractures Highlighted in a 3D-Printable Model

Sometimes, scientific inquiries create more questions in lieu of solutions. This 3D-printable model has us wondering if augmented reality-assisted devices may someday replace endoscopes in the treatment of parasymphyseal and subondylar mandibular fractures. Beyond the possibilities, this 3D-printable fractured mandible combines both art and science; truly a great contribution to the embodi3D® community. Thank you, skullman!





1.    Dawood, A., Marti, B. M., Sauret-Jackson, V., & Darwood, A. (2015). 3D printing in dentistry. British dental journal, 219(11), 521.


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