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Free and Open-Source 3D Printing Software at RSNA 2015

Dr. Mike



If you attended my open-source 3D printing didactic talk or open-source 3D printing workshop at this year's RSNA meeting and are interested in a having a copy of my slides (I have been asked several times), or if you are not at the meeting and are just interested, you can find them here. They are an attached PDFs and links.


Manual for Open-Source 3D printing workshop (PDF)


Other resources to help you get 3D Printing the Embodi3D tutorials page: http://www.embodi3d.com/tutorials.html


Additional specific resources I mentioned in my talk:


3D printing with Osirix (Mac only)


3D printing with Slicer (Windows, Mac, Linux)


5-minute modeling with Slicer



Good luck! Contact me if you need any help.


Dr. Mike

Open source software RSNA 2015 v1.1.pdf


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