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3D Printed Models Revolutionize Cosmetic Surgery

Paige Anne Carter



3D printing provides a variety of applications for the field of medicine including cosmetic surgery. Currently, leading 3D printing technology 3D Systems partnered with a New York-based company to make cosmetic surgery experience more efficient for both client and surgeons.


Dr. Carrie Stern from the New York-based company MirrorMe3D noted that the use of 3D printing technology can help patients by creating before and after colored models of the parts that the patients need work on; for patients, seeing the before and after images provide a big relief on what they can expect for the surgical procedure. This will also help patients decide whether they will go ahead with the procedure or not.


Dr. Glenn Jelks from the NYU Medical Center acknowledges that 3D printing is indeed a game changer in the field of cosmetic surgery. Aside from the benefit it gives patients, doctors are also provided with a lot of information on how they will go about with the procedure to achieve maximum results.


The company 3D Systems is working on developing new software to help create the models for cosmetic surgery. The company is planning on using a specialized 3D printer called ProJet 660 color printer to create realistic before and after models of patients; thus patients have this weird but interesting experience of holding their new selves at the palm of their hands.


The thing is that 3D printing technology really provides insightful innovations for both patients and doctors so that they can enjoy the experience cosmetic surgery provides.


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