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DENTCA Creates First 3D Printed FDA-Approved Denture Base

Paige Anne Carter



3D printing has been utilized over the past months to create innovative medical devices and implants. Recently, the dental industry has also utilized 3D printing technology in order to create different teeth implants.


One of the companies that made important developments by using 3D printing technology is DENTCA. DENTCA produced the first-ever FDA-approved 3D-printed denture base. The material is made from light-cured resin ejected from a specialized 3D printer. The denture bases created using this technology passed for cytotoxicity, genotoxicity, irritation as well as biocompatibility. This means that the denture is completely safe.


Another advantage of DENTCA is that it is twice faster than traditional means of producing dentures thus patients don’t need to wait to have their dentures. Conventional methods for making dentures need 30 days for the turnaround but DENTCA patients only need 5 days. Moreover, this technology is also very precise and accurate; thus eliminating any human error and dentures will always have a perfect fit.


Dr. Jason Lee, the creator of the DENTCA technology mentioned that this new denture base can revolutionize the entire dental world. Moreover, DENTCA’s CEO Sun Kwon also noted that this new development can pave way for the doctors to one day create customized dentures right in their offices.
The company made a very big achievement that can play a very important role in the denture industry. It will be soon when we will see other dental companies jumping on the bandwagon because 3D printing technology is really beneficial not only for dental companies but also for patients and dentists.


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