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FDA Approved 3D Printing Implants For Spinal Surgery

Paige Anne Carter



The use of 3D printing in medicine has taken the world by storm. Many countries like China, US and in Europe are now using 3D printing technology to treat patients suffering from different orthopedic disorders.

Recently, FDA approved the innovation of Joimax ®. This German company has developed minimally invasive methods for endoscopic spinal surgeries. The product that was approved is Endoscopic Lumbar Interbody Fusion (EndoLIF® On-Cage implant). The implants are printed using titanium and by the method called Electron Beam Melting. The final product features porous surface that comes with a diamond cell structure that allows the cells to proliferate as well as bones to grow on the metal. The company used the titanium alloy because it is well-known for its great biocompatibility with human tissues and it also has a good affinity with bones. This innovation has osteointegrative abilities.

Two German surgeons Dr. Ralf Wagner and Dr. Bernd llerhaus have used the EndoLIF implants to treat 200 patients and the success rate of the implants were very high. The advantage of this type of FDA-approved product is that it is durable and gentle on the nerves. It also preserves the bony structures thus avoiding scar tissues from developing that can cause possible risks of injuries in the future.

The innovations in 3D printing technology in the medical field are very promising and can help a lot of patients suffering from orthopedic anomalies. It will be soon that this product will be available for medical practitioners all over the world.


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