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A Collection of Free Skull Medical Model STL Files from CT Scans - Ready for 3D Printing

Dr. Mike



A lot of great 3D printable anatomic files have been shared on Embodi3D in the past few years. One of the most popular categories is skulls. There are many files available, and they are organized under Skull and Head STLs in the file Downloads area of the site. You can download any of these files by registering an account and in most cases the files are free to download.


Below I created a list of my favorite skull files for your learning and enjoyment.

These 3D printable skull models are a fantastic resource for education and show both normal anatomy and disease and injury. Thanks to the generosity of our contributors, all of these models are available for free download and 3D printing.

This a diverse set of files ready for 3D bioprinting. These STL skull files come from CT scans and demonstrate some of the pathology physicians encounter. Several different cuts and individual bones make much of the anatomy easily accessible which is great for education.

I hope you enjoy this collection. If you are using these skull files for an interesting project, please share your experiences with the community by posting a comment.

skull 1

3D printable skull 1 - front tooth out, from Dr. Gobbato

Male skull from CT scan

3D printable skull 2 - Male skull

skull 3

3D printable skull 3 - from Dr. Marco Vettorello

Face fracture 1

Skull fracture 1 - fracture of frontal bone

Jaw fracture

Skull fracture 2 - fracture of mandible (jaw bone)

post craniotomy

Skull after craniotomy surgery (with surgical hole drilled into it)

half skull sagittal

Half skull (sagittal cut) great for education

skull base

skull base, showing foramina, for medical education

lace skulls

Full and half size "Lace" skulls. A unique item for your desk.

frontal bone

Frontal bone of skull (forehead bone)


Mandible (jaw bone)


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