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3D Printing Technology Helps Disabled Dogs Back On Their Feet

Paige Anne Carter



3D printers are not only helpful in fixing anything broken in human patients but also on pets. Leading 3D printing company 3D Systems have developed a technology that can help disabled dogs get back on their feet.

The technology, dubbed as 3D printed metal orthopedic knee implants, is able to fabricate titanium implants for dogs to help veterinarians treat canine patients suffering from disability. With this technology, disabled dogs are able to walk and run freely again within as little as six weeks after the surgery.

This new technology effectively repairs all damages to the ligaments in disabled dogs. It can treat any types of damage caused by genetics, degeneration or trauma. The 3D implant is inserted to the lower leg of the dog to reorganize knee stability without needing to repair the damaged ligament.

The secret to this groundbreaking procedure relies on the manufacturing of customized titanium implants. The implants are customized according to the canine patient’s needs. This is to ensure rapid bone growth with less risk of infection.

This new system makes it easier for veterinarians to treat canine patients. Unlike traditional manufacturing of implants, the procedure is so complex that not all treatments are successful. With this technology, vets are able to create wide range of implant sizes that fits the dog’s limb as quickly and economically as possible.

This technology looks very promising and if made available to the public, it will be very helpful to many millions of dogs who are suffering from leg disabilities.


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