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A New All-In-One Medical Printer Produced By 3D Systems

Paige Anne Carter



3D Systems, a company involved in producing innovative medical technologies has developed an all-in-one 3D printer. The new 3D printer is called ProJet 3510 DPPro. This printer is designed for both medical and dental lab applications thus it can be used to create medical and dental models.

The best thing about this 3D printer is that it comes with customization qualities that allow users speedy production of models and guides for biocompatible plastic materials. Another feature of this all-in-one 3D printer is that it comes with a large build volume thus shortening the production time of print jobs. Amazingly enough, this type of printer is quite small compared with conventional 3D printers.

This particular 3D printer can print accurate models from different kinds of materials like plastic, wax and stone-like materials. The ProJet 3510 DPPro is still new in the market and it was released for the first time last February 27 of this year during the LMT LAB DAY in Chicago.

3D Systems developed this innovative 3D printer to democratize the access of the medical industry to a more affordable method of developing diagnostic tools and equipment in treating different illnesses. The ProJet 3D printer can create medical-grade products at faster time thus helping health practitioners such as dentists and doctors to provide immediate solution to their patient’s medical condition. So instead of waiting for days for the medical models, doctors need to wait only for a few hours instead.

The ProJet 3D printer is considered as the most innovative 3D printer to date and many medical experts are excited to stretch the capabilities of this product.


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