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3D Printed Lumbar Vertebra

Dr. Mike



blog-0877195001398042818.jpgLast year as part of my tests for creating bony anatomic models, I created a model of a lumbar vertebral body from a CT scan. The process was somewhat time-consuming as manual mesh editing was required to separate the vertebral body from its adjacent bony structures. I used Blender for this. Nonetheless, the end result looks good and accurately demonstrates the bony anatomy of a lumbar vertebra.

I've created a YouTube video which briefly summarizes the steps of creation.

Also, I've made the COLLADA file available for download for free to registered users, so you can 3D print it yourself. http://www.embodi3d.com/files/file/16-lumbar-vertebra/


If you wish to have the file printed and shipped to you, Shapeways can do it for a fee here: http://shpws.me/s5dU


Please share your thoughts and comments. Has anybody else had experience with creating bony models of this sort? Register and leave a comment or download the file.



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